Thursday, May 10, 2007

All Clear

Today was HYS day. I was really nervous on the way there. TM could not take me so my MIL offered. My MIL is great, always says the right things, loves me, and has always been supportive. I don't know what I would do without her. She is truly special.

The procedure itself went fine, with a little help from some Vitamin V (as the doc calls it). The pictures didn't come out so great the first or second time, but the third time was the trick. Doc gave me the all clear to proceed on to the next cycle.

Sooooooooo, TM and I have some decisions to make. We need to decide whether or not we will enter the shared risk program at our clinic which would include 4 donor cycles (with any associated FET's) or pay as you go. In light of our previous history we are leaning towards the shared risk. It is a big chunk of change and we don't have any insurance coverage (never have), but it will take a load of our minds during the cycle process. The last thing that I want to continue to worry about is the financial side of this whole process - I just want to worry about the outcome.

We also have to pick out our donor. We are leaning towards someone who was in our top three previously. I couldn't bring myself to think about that today at the clinic. I will have to make the trek back to go through profiles, etc.

I am feeling much more positive today. I was really dreading today, but now it is over. I think that I will enjoy the nice weather with my pup and maybe visit with the neighbors. The Vitamin V has worn off so I am not worried about embarrassing myself!


Reproductive Jeans said...

Yay! I am SO glad it went well and you got great results! I hope that you have peace of mind as you enter into the next decision phase--will be thinking about you!

Bumble said...

So glad its all over and went well. It would definitely take off some of the pressure knowing you had a good few tries available if you do the Shared Risk. Good Luck with your decision! x

ultimatejourney said...

Hooray for good news! You must be so relieved. Best of luck with the donor decision.

Anonymous said...

Vitamin V. I like that. Too bad you can't get it right next to the prenatals!

Glad it is over and went well.

Anonymous said...

congrats on getting the procedure over with. Good luck on your decision making!

Also, lets hear it for fab MILs!

millie said...

So glad to hear it went well.

I think the shared risk sounds like a great idea. I do wish that had been an option for me.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I'm so glad to hear that things went well. Wishing you best of luck with the donor choices-I know it is such a difficult decision!

Portia P said...

Glad it went well and that you're good to go.

good luck with your decision making

Foreverhopeful said...

I've been thinking about you and I'm so glad that things are going in a more positive direction for you. That's great they offer a shared risk program (our clinic didn't and don't know if any clinic in Canada offers that) and health insurances up here don't cover IF treatments either so everything has been out of pocket for us as well. Good luck with your decisions and everything to come.