Thursday, November 29, 2007

I am a delinquent poster. Sorry all, for the lack of updates.

Things here are going okay. J is adjusting to school and to our home. TM and I knew that starting off at parenting with an 11 year old would be tough, but didn't know how tough. J has been through a lot. Situations that no one, much less a child, should have to go through. I will save the family drama for another time as it is a long story. We have started him (and us) in counseling to help work through some of the current issues that we are having as well as working through some of the baggage that he inherited from his mother. So far the counseling is approximately 5 hours per week but we could increase it if we need to. Based upon today, it is looking like we will need to. Hopefully, all of this will work out to his (and our) benefit.

The counselor is helping TM and I with parenting skills as well. She is great. I really like her a lot.

Onto pregnancy updates - things are going well. We went into our 20 week us on Tuesday and everything seemed to be ok. I will be calling my Dr. tomorrow just to make sure. The radiology center that I went to sends the results to the Dr directly (takes two business days). The tech did say that she didn't see anything that she needed to bring to the attention to the radiologist and that he would be in if he felt that he needed to. He didn't show up. The tech also said that I would find out that day from my Dr. if there was an issue. So I am hoping that no news is good news.

I am feeling ok; getting big enough not to fit into my regular clothes so some shopping is in order, but it has been hard to make the time between the counseling, work, karate practice, yada yada - you know the drill. I wanted to be excited to go shopping so that is another reason that I have been putting it off. Now that the 20 week marker is behind us I am feeling more confident. I did buy a couple of shirts and pairs of jeans last weekend, but need some more shirts and pants for work. Also, probably a coat.

I have so much to say but have to run. Regular posts to follow. Thanks everyone for checking in with me. I really appreciate it.