Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Fair

Thoughts of the day:

Just found out today that a friend of mine continues to struggle with her health. Just doesn't seem fair.....same old story - some people just don't get a break. If you have a moment - say a little prayer for her that the latest round of tests come back ok.

We were approved for shared risk again......unbelievable with my track record - we'll be signing the contract this week. Can't believe that we are in this place again. I say this as I have my laptop balanced on a toy dump truck. Funny how life works. I never thought that we would get this far, but here we are. I thank God every day. We are truly blessed.

Mothers Day came and went. The day still evokes too many negative feelings for me. Not sure if it relates to experiences with my mother or the struggle with infertility- need to think about this....or better yet, not waste anymore time on trying to figure it out. The second option is currently the front runner. Let's not waste anymore time on this one...

I currently know two special ladies that recently got BFP's with their latest IVF attempts. Hooray for them!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Back to Clinic I Go

Well - back to the clinic I go.....for a small procedure and then it's off to the starting gate (hopefully). Of course, we'll need to sign a mountain of paperwork and write a big fat check, but hey that's the way it goes. It is what it is.