Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Acronym Game

I saw this game on Forever Hopefuls blog today and thought that it was too funny. I decided to try it out on TM. His responses were:

AF – Acute Fertility

IVF – InVitro Fertilization
IUI – That's the ICSI
IF – Internal Fertilization
PG – Progesterone
TTC –Ringing no bells to me dear
DPO – Desperate pregnancy operation
BFP – Big Fat Positive
BFN – Big Fat Negative
POAS – Piece of something sxxx
OPT – I dunno
CD – Cellular divide
BD – Big deal
ER - Emergency Room
ET - Every time

I am laughing so hard that I am shedding a few tears. Boy, I needed some comic relief today.

I have been tagged by Ultimate Journey and Aunt Sassy for the "I am" game - Thanks Girls! I will be working on this for my next post.


Reproductive Jeans said...

HAHAHA, I have just loved reading these--so funny to see what these things mean to the "other half" He made Mook laugh too--thanks for sharing!

ultimatejourney said...

Everyone's husbands have such great responses to these questions! Thanks for the laugh.

Cibele said...

Thanks for sharing, my Dh and I are having a great time reading his anserws... The one I loved the most was: DPO – Desperate pregnancy operation... right on the money. Thanks for sharing!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

These are great! I would love to give it to my husbnad, but I think he would put "don't know" for all of them!

Foreverhopeful said...

Desperate pregnacy operation.. that's a great one.. :) :) All our hubbies are hilarious. Glad we can all get some comic relief out of this.. :)

Matthew M. F. Miller said...

Looks like "Big Fat Negative" is a universal answer from husbands. Says a lot about how we husbands feel.

I really wish I could have had a pass at this quiz, but now my brain is tainted.

peep said...

Those answers were some of the best I've seen, thanks.

Baby Blues said...

Too funny! Our hubbies should get a quick refresher on ART lingo.

Drowned Girl said...

Just saying hi, glad to have found your blog