Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Get ready for the whining.......some of the things that irritate me most:

1) Hypochondria
2) Insensitivity
3) Lack of Accountability
4) Whining (shocking - since I am whining)
5) Laziness
6) People that claim to be busy - "Can you please help me with this, I am so busy" and then they go home well before the end of the day and before me. Arggghhhhhh.
7) People that take credit for work they have not done
8) Constant Complainers

I could go on but why bother. Is it obvious that I had a tough day at work?

Enough about that. Update on the home front. A decision has been made in regards to IVF - we decided to proceed with DE now and adoption later. It was a hard decision to make and I am still sorting through my feelings, but it seems like the right option for us. We had some drama related to adoption over the last year on two separate occasions and I am still frustrated about it. More to come.......thanks to all who have commented on my initial blog entries. It has helped me to know that I have support out there.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


One of the most important things that my Father taught me is that life is about choices. This theory has helped me make decisions throughout life. The choices were easy when I was younger - vanilla or chocolate.........but as I got older the choices became a little bit more complicated - where to go to college, what should I major in, should I get married early or establish my career first?........all of these choices have underlying consequences. I have made both good choices and bad choices but they were always my choices.

Although this is an important lesson, some of the most life altering events are not the result of choice. I did not choose IF.

I have known since my very early 20's that my husband and I would have to undergo IVF as a result of his cancer, what I didn't expect was that it wouldn't work (so far anyway). I started this whole process with the naive notion that it would work right away. As far as we knew everything with me was fine and all of the tests supported this. Well, here we are, 7 cycles later still trying. Staying positive is a challenge.

There are some difficult choices ahead:

1) Keep trying or move on to adoption
2) Donor egg or not

Hopefully we'll make the right choice.........

Friday, March 23, 2007

About Me

After reading blogs now for about a year or so, I decided to start my own. This is my initial post...

I always thought that I would follow "the plan" - high school, college, marriage, children - but life decided to intervene. I never thought when I got married.......almost a decade ago......that the plan may need adjustment. I have been very lucky in life - nice family, great friends, good education, married my best friend, comfortable lifestyle, good job. Now for the unlucky part - my husband was diagnosed with cancer early on in our marriage. Thanks to his wonderful doctors and nurses he beat his cancer and has been given a clean bill of health. Unfortunately the cancer resulted in male factor infertility. I thought that this would not pose a problem for us due to IVF and ICSI (wonderful Dr's insisted on Cyrobanking before Radiation and Chemo - thus eliminating need for DS). Our RE was convinced that IVF was a "slam dunk" for us due to my young age and great test results. Well, here we are, 7 IVF cycles later (3 fresh and 4 FET) and no positive results. Looks like our problem is female factor with male factor on the side. Time to change our expectations...............

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