Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Get ready for the whining.......some of the things that irritate me most:

1) Hypochondria
2) Insensitivity
3) Lack of Accountability
4) Whining (shocking - since I am whining)
5) Laziness
6) People that claim to be busy - "Can you please help me with this, I am so busy" and then they go home well before the end of the day and before me. Arggghhhhhh.
7) People that take credit for work they have not done
8) Constant Complainers

I could go on but why bother. Is it obvious that I had a tough day at work?

Enough about that. Update on the home front. A decision has been made in regards to IVF - we decided to proceed with DE now and adoption later. It was a hard decision to make and I am still sorting through my feelings, but it seems like the right option for us. We had some drama related to adoption over the last year on two separate occasions and I am still frustrated about it. More to come.......thanks to all who have commented on my initial blog entries. It has helped me to know that I have support out there.


Foreverhopeful said...

So sorry about your bad day at work.. :) Whine away... it's what the blog is for. Infertility is such an emotional road and it makes everything else in life just as emotional and hard. Since infertility I have found myself less tolerant of things.

Glad to hear about your decision about DE. We felt the same way. DH and I thought about adoption and we're not against it but it just didn't feel right for us yet. But its something I may consider later down the road as well.

Lara said...

Going for donor eggs is a big decision. As you probably know I recently made the same choice, so I know where you are and how you might feel about it all. If you ever need/want to talk about it I'm here! I think DEs are a better choice than adoption personally because you still get to experience being pregnant. However, if DEs dont work for me I won't be opposed to adoption, its just not the choice I'm ready to make yet. Glad you commented on my blog, its nice to know there are other DE/IVFers out there. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I have read over your first posts and really relate to what you have said. We are also dealing with female factor after thinking that the only real problem we had was my husband's low counts. We are condsidering the donor egg route and we are just deciding what to do next.

It is nice to 'meet' you, I am sorry it is under these circumstances, though.

Becks said...

Wishing you all the best for your DE journey. I'm new to this IVF life and we start our first ICSI treatment next week. We too have issues on both sides...gee why is life so tough sometimes? Becks

Reproductive Jeans said...

Hi there...came to you from the town criers--we are just at the first stages of our journey with IUI #1 under our belt. I am so sorry to hear about your struggles, but I hope to offer support as I will check back in with you!

TeamWinks said...

Thank you for stopping over at my home. I'm glad you've made a decision that works for you. I know how hard that can be!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am sorry that you had a tough day at work. That's the great thing about blogging though, you can whine all you want and you have people here who understand what you are going through.

Doing DE is a tough decision to make. I wish you all the best with this journey and please know that you are not alone.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I know how hard it is to wrap your mind around the donor option as we maybe making that decision at some point ourselves on DI. Good luck with your decision for DE!