Sunday, November 15, 2009

6w6d - no symptoms?

So, it's 6w6d and I basically have no symptoms. Sometimes I feel slightly nauseous but even then I think that it is related to my allergies and stress. I am giving all credit for my moodiness to the progesterone, but other than that nothing to speak of....

Holidays are coming - Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks and then the Christmas Holiday season. Looking forward to it, but less this year than before. Thinking that I will be the internet shopper this year and forget about the treks to the mall. Looks like most stores may ship for free (hopefully), so then I don't even have to feel guilty about not pulling out the all day shopping trips. I love free shipping! I also love free gift wrap - bring it on internet retail land.

The best holidays are Thanksgiving and 4th of July - no presents and you can prepare for them the day before! Love it. I am a super procrastinator - remember, crisis mode... and with other holidays you just can't wait that long. Halloween? Not so much, costumes go quickly people (found that out the hard way :) )

This Thanksgiving I don't even have to cook! Just show up with one super easy dish- I love it! The day before TM and I will be attending a great sporting event and then maybe, just maybe we'll get to sleep in the next morning....if my MIL will help out. I can hardly wait!!!


Drowned Girl said...

How's it going? Hope you're OK!

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