Monday, June 29, 2009

Onto the FET

BFN for us today - knew ahead of time thanks to the EPT. The EPT is a lifesaver for me - allows me to process the bad news on my terms rather than sit by the phone hopeful for a BFP. So - it is onto the FET. Of course, the dreaded cycle review tomorrow, but as a vet I know the drill.....start BCP's and get on the rollercoaster again.

In the meantime, I am going to try and achieve some work/life balance - better known as taking some well deserved time off!

Everyone have a happy 4th!


Leah said...

I'm sorry. I too am in love with the HPT, I just need to know. Even if it's bad news, I'd rather know than live in denial, jumping every time the phone rings.

I'll have my fingers crossed for your FET!

Bee Cee said...

So sorry it didn't work this time, hopefully the FET will be the answer.

Hopefully you can enjoy your 4th July, if only for a little bit.

Bee Cee (previously One miracle Needed)

docgrumbles said...

best of luck with the FET

In and Out of Luck said...

I'm sorry about the negative. I hope the FET works!!