Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looks like this one is a go. 13 weeks and counting. 1st trimester screen went well. 1st OB appt went well too. Always strange to transition to the OB upon graduation from the clinic. What? No ultrasound every visit? What, no more hormones to take? It's a good feeling.....

I probably will have gestational diabetes again with this pregnancy. So, I'll have to pay attention to my diet, but that's not a problem. I failed the one hour, but not by much and they didn't require me to fast prior to taking the test.? So, already testing my blood sugar in lieu of taking the three hour test. Really didn't want to take the test - last time I got about 10 sticks instead of the usual 3 due to dehydration, etc. For the recent one hour that I failed - the nurse had a stick me 4 times. I don't give up blood very easily....

So, in a good place now - hoping and praying for a healthy baby to join the crew.


Sue said...

Congrats - hope all continues to go well.

Kami said...

Great news! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I had a very positive experience at a clinic in Eastern Europe. We used anonymous donor eggs. Btw the clinic uses fresh eggs which are exactly what we were looking for.

First cycle was successful and it was a great surprise for us! After multiple failed treatments we almost lost all our hope. So it was an excellent result, which is, of course, partly luck, and partly the skill of the embryologist. Also due to the fact that the donors are ‘proven’ for the programs plus using fresh eggs the result did not make us wait.

I chose the clinic because it offers an anonymous egg donor program. I gave the list of certain features I'd like to see in my donor to my program coordinator. The clinic proposed us 3 donors and we chose one who we liked the most. This was important for me. I felt much happier starting the cycle with a sense of who the donor is.

In terms of the process, I was able to have all the necessary tests done at the clinic in the same visit as the embryo transfer. The procedure couldn’t have been easier. The consultations and the day of the transfer went like clockwork.

Communication with the clinic was very smooth and efficient. The program coordinator speaks excellent English. She answered my questions patiently and clearly. She sent me all the information I needed, organised my transport from the airport and generally made everything very easy. I really felt that I was in good hands. Dr. also speaks excellent English and explained everything clearly. She was very warm and friendly, and I was glad to have her as my doctor. I felt the consultation was thorough, and I had complete confidence in her.

In fact, all the staff I met at the clinic were welcoming and helpful. I felt very comfortable and relaxed there, and there was a positive atmosphere each time I visited.

I'm pregnant and I've never been happier before! I had a very good experience at the clinic.

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